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Review of "THE LOOK OF LOVE"
By Jayne Waterford Copyrighted J. Waterford, 2013. Written 17th November 2013 Revised 24th May 2014 Revised 27th May 2014 Revised 3rd January 2015
Anticipation of: "THE LOOK OF LOVE" by Jayne Waterford

We saw Imogen Poots in Daniel Algrant's "GREETINGS FROM TIM BUCKLEY" (2012) playing a "curiously compliant" girlfriend (great phrase David Stratham). She's very attractive.

The first time I saw Cate Blanchett was as the beautiful, teenage, artistic, experimentalist in Chekov's "The Seagull" (1997 or 1998) at the Belvoir opposite Noah Taylor. And that's who she was. A gorgeous, delightful teenager. Let's see what else Imogen Poots has got?

REVIEW: "THE LOOK OF LOVE" by Jayne Waterford

Well, she's awesome.

"THE LOOK OF LOVE" turns out to be a light hearted dramatisation about the richest man in England, Paul Raymond and his family. It's the first time I have ever seen Steve Coogan act. And Imogen Poots is a genius.

The production struck as an awards environment as if the spot lights were placed to shine on Poots, see it even sounds good. Even Coogan's character as the

lead role is so quiet he seems to take a curiously back seat. Even under that hair. Even though he is Britain's porn king. Raymond is never seen in the light of Stan Lee as Hugh Hefner in Jon Favreau's "IRON MAN" (2008) or James Franco as Hugh Hefner. He is a showman and business man who takes delight in his productions.

David Stratham was sitting behind me when I saw this film. I thought he was making a tally of the number of pairs of boobies in this movie though he assures me he was taking notes. I suspect they broke some sort of on screen record. I'd probably have to be in a position to buy a copy of Men's ONLY in London to confirm the details. A nice thing is that tits were relevant to plot. We knew we had flashed back 50 years in Raymond's early career when the first pair who appeared were lopsided.

Bottoms up! "THE LOOK OF LOVE" awesome for Docudrama. Anna Friel takes a break from being the wife of younger more glamorous men to be the shrew who goes to bed before ten. She can also really wriggle that ass when she's in a wig and the mood is on her.

Imogen Poots plays Paul Raymond's lovely, talentless daughter who was not born with that sparkle everyone needs to see in a burlesque show. She flops, though

she's too thin to really flop. She's sweet and covered up and talentless. Convincingly.

We know it's a comedy when we meet the vicar who hangs out in the change room. He's probably based on a historical creepy guy. But it's David Williams from Little Britain so... feel free to laugh.

Probably the sweetest guy is the one who weds Imogen, erm, Simon Bird. He has found a career after his schoollies week in Spain and is now modelled after George Harrison/Ringo Star. Paul Raymond knows all the Beatles.

The only thing missing was the title song though other Duran Duran hits feature.

Michael Winterbottom's "THE LOOK OF LOVE" (2013) is as subtle as a pointy nipple under a cardigan. 10/10

Copyrighted © Jayne Waterford, 2013
Michael Winterbottom's
Release Date 27th June 2013
Category History Drama Comedy
Running Time 105 minutes (1 hour, 45 minutes)
Rating CTC
Origin United Kingdom
Awards OFFICIAL SELECTION Berlin Film Festival 2013, OFFICIAL SELECTION Sundance Film Festival 2013
Director Michael Winterbottom
Stars Steve Coogan, Anna Friel, Tamsin Egerton, Stephen Fry, Matt Lucas, David Walliams, James Lance, Chris Addison, Simon Bird and Imogen Poots

Official Blurb "Welcome to the scandalous world of Paul Raymond, entrepreneur, impresario, and the “king of Soho.” Seeing mediocrity in the smutty sex parlours of London, Raymond unveils his first “gentlemen’s club” in 1958 and gradually builds an empire of clubs and erotic magazines that brings him vast wealth while affronting British sexual mores. It also brings a litany of obscenity charges, a failed marriage, troubled children, and personal tragedy.

After "24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE" and "THE TRIP", Michael Winterbottom and comedic genius Steve Coogan team up once more for a sexy and salacious cinematic romp that will reframe Coogan’s career and leave you spellbound." - MADMAN ENTERTAINMENT PR