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I Feel Lucky

By Jayne Waterford
Copyrighted © Jayne Waterford, 5th June 2013.


Our kids have grown up and gone to college. :D

This is an awesome movie. It’s about inspiration and aspiration and striving and all the good things. Apart from the fact that John Goodman sounds like he's got emphysema it was great. (Drink fresh tomato juice everyday. It kills emphysema in its tracks.) Billy Crystal still sounds like Billy Crystal. Great that those guys have found an outlet in their adage. They could do this stuff from a geriatric unit.

What was stunning about Billy Crystal's voice work as the one eyed melon is that Mike Wazowski's journey is quite an emotional one and Crystal convinces us that it's hard. As in "PARENTAL GUIDANCE" opposite the queen of buda BOOM, Bette Middler, he still gets to deliever fast jokes like a repeater. But this time, they have direction. They move the plot along.

Essentially the story is about Mike's innate likeability. I've heard people say of the little green monster, he doesn't look at all scary, and that is our motivation. So many influences: there's a vague homage to "MEN IN BLACK" generally. A giant monster thuds across the

quad [like at headquarters in Barry Sonnenfeld's "MEN II BLACK" (2002)], the aliens employed at the scare factory look simpler, of older monster design, like the circa 1969 aliens visiting earth in Barry Sonnenfeld's "MEN IN BLACK 3" (2012). All of these experiences, set in the context of one very gooey college, move to further Mike's confrontation with himself.

Jimmy "Sully" Sullivan (voiced by John Goodman) reminds me of an acquaintance who was a contender for Thor all those years ago. He's got that big, round Swedish look. Sully comes to college from a famous family of scarers, the Sullivans. At college he goes through a similar journey to Jenko (Channing Tatum) in Phil Lord and Chris Miller's "21 JUMP STREET" (2012).

Helen Mirren's character Hardscrabble was really scary. Hardscrabble is so articulate. She sounded like a pissed off Judy Dench. She was just the bees knees. And it's basically a prequel so we find out why the scary lizard creature has a leering expression.

I was super excited to see this film which means the notes I took are impossible to read. 7/10

Copyrighted ©: Jayne Waterford, 5th June 2013.

Dan Scanlon's "MONSTER'S UNIVERSITY" (2013)
Release Date 20th June 2013
Category Animation/Adventure/Comedy
Running Time
Rating G for both 2D & 3D
Format 2D & 3D
Origin USA
Director Dan Scanlon
Stars Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi
Distributor Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Australia

Official Blurb "Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan are an inseparable pair, but that wasn’t always the case. From the moment these two mismatched monsters met they couldn't stand each other. "MONSTER'S UNIVERSITY (DISNEY.PIXAR)" unlocks the door to how Mike and Sulley overcame their differences and became the best of friends.

Screaming with laughter and fun, "MONSTER'S UNIVERSITY (DISNEY.PIXAR)" is directed by Dan Scanlon ("CARS", "MATER AND THE GHOSTLIGHT",

"TRACY") and produced by Kori Rae ("UP", "THE INCREDIBLES", "MONSTERS, INC."). The film opens in June, 2013, and will be shown in Disney Digital 3&tm; in select cinemas." - Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Australia PR

Walt Disney Studios: 14th March 2013

Helen Mirren is the voice of Dean Hardscrabble. She is a legendary Scarer and Dean of the School of Scaring at Monsters University.

Aspiring Scare students must be up for the challenge to impress her, though she is convinced that her assessment of who is truly scary and who is not is never wrong.

Monsters University is in cinemas June 20.

"DISNEY.PIXAR's MONSTER'S UNIVERSITY" opens with the animated short, "THE BLUE UMBRELLA". Please see end of pagge for details.
REVIEW: "The BLUE UMBRELLA" by Jayne Waterford

Saschka Unseld's "THE BLUE UMBRELLA" (2013) is brilliant, mostly. I am going to have to give this film its own page. It's a masterwork.

It's raining. Beautifully. The city streets begin to respond to the inclement weather. Something stiff bends. And then bits smile at us. Minor alterations in buildings and infrastructure slightly reconfigure so we can more easily find a face. These characters are here all the time. They can't do anything except shine empathy on victims of circumstance, beautifully.

There's a sea of black umbrellas and one blue one, firstly of indeterminate sex. The blue umbrella really loves the rain! It's adores being out and about. Then a red one arrives and it's much more curvilicious. The weather gets rough and then we realise SHE'S THE ONLY GIRL! Saschka Unseld 's "THE BLUE UMBRELLA" (2013) perpetuates the weird myth of the girl in Hollywood's screwed representation of reality. Did I say that? Nah. I meant skewed.

It's also a chilling reminder of who we are that people

the city. Humans in this might be the prime movers however they do little more than walk in unisome towards the underground railway or drive vehicles in columns. It's like they are the lines that connect the dots.

Drips beat to the rhythm of the Pixar lamp, hopping across the screen before it jumps on the "I" in "PIXAR".

There are such poetic moments through this film. When he is torn free from the shackle of his person to sail above the street and then fall by the wayside only to... Saschka Unseld takes anthropomorhic projection to its extreme. Please arrive on time. 9/10
Saschka Unseld's "THE BLUE UMBRELLA" (2013)
Release Date 20th June 2013
Category Animation/Adventure/Comedy
Rating G
Origin USA
Director Saschka Unseld
Studio Pixar Animation Studio
Distributor Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Australia

"THE BLUE UMBRELLA" is the animation short that will open for "MONSTER'S UNVERSITY"

Saschka Unseld's "THE BLUE UMBRELLA" (Pictured) BLUE and RED. ©2013 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

Byline: Pixar

Copyright: ©2013 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.