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Review of "LE WEEK-END"
By Jayne Waterford
Copyrighted © Jayne Waterford, 2014. Written 26th March 2014 Copyrighted Revised 17th April 2014 Copyrighted Revised 25th April 2014
REVIEW: "LE WEEK-END" by Jayne Waterford

Jeff Goldblum, Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan put in three comsuming performances in Roger Michell's "LE WEEK-END" (2013). Not only do they not spare a thought for our presence in the room when they speak to each other but they are greedy for our attention and have it.

In Michell's "LE WEEK-END" (2013) Mr. and Mrs. Nick (Jim Broadbent) and Meg Burrows (Lindsay Duncan) take their 24 hour a day marriage for their 30th anniversary week-end in Paris. We think they are going to divorce and fall from one disaster to another to another to the point where we don't even realise they are in dire circumstances. We think Meg hates Nick as she physically injures him, badly, twice. They are unsparringly honest and unafraid of thruth. But in the end, on the other side of offspring that have finally left their home, and with the help of the devoted Morgan (Jeff Goldblum), they remember who they are.

Writer Hanif Kureishi seems to suggest that Nick and Meg's truthful demeanour is that of a generation, the revolutionary generation that brought feminism and other scholarly systems to the working classes and there's a very cool dance.

It's not a Woody Allen. We do not enter major tourist destinations and look around. Even Eiffel's Tower is subsumed to plot, an acutrement to arriving at a place they'd dreamed of and one they can't afford.

From Broadbent's opening performance of a man trying to fit in a one size fits all public transport seat to Meg's loveliness (we want to marry her) they triumph.

Jeff Goldblum has this opportunity to shine. Even though we are listening to the same kind of rapid-fire, sales patter we have heard him use in other roles, here, as Nick's Cambridge-days protege Morgan, now a very succesfully published author, he excells himself and sells us on Nick's glamour just as Nick was wallowing in dispair, so hopelessly in love with his wife and insecure is he. Even in David Cronenberg's "THE FLY" (1986) Goldblum didn't sound this smart! Not even when he was explaining Chaos Theory to Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) in Steven Speilberg's "JURASSIC PARK" (1993).

The script is gorgeous. As Nick, who is thought of as sitting comfortably in a fifteenth century room, living off royalties and looking forward to a healthy pension with bearded friends who sing along to Joni Mitchell, stands on the verge of entering a party, he says to Meg, "What gorgeous hell is this? Common. They're French. Their mundane lives are hell too." Though I'm

still unclear on what Morgan wants Nick to throw 4K into, the characters say smart things without thinking about it all the way through. It's a pleasure.

I enoyed this movie. The crows feet, the older person issues, the stunning performances, the difficulty, the rediscovery of who they are without anyone standing in the way obscuring their sense of themselves, the deployment of younger people in their lives. Everything! 10/10

Copyrighted ©: Jayne Waterford, 2014.

Roger Michell's
"LE WEEK-END" (2013)
Director Roger Michell
Producers Kevin Loader
Stars Jim Broadbent, Lindsay Duncan and Jeff Goldblum
Release Date 20 February 2014
Category Drama
Running Time 93 minutes (1 hour, 33 minutes)
Rating M
Origin UK
Jaunty or Suave Suave
Awards Official Selection: 2013 Toronto International Film Festival
Coda No
Distributor Transmission Films
Official Blurb "Starring Jim Broadbent, Lindsay Duncan and Jeff Goldblum, "LE WEEK-END" is a beautifully observed, funny and poignant story about the nature of love and commitment where husband and wife yearn to recapture their youthful fearlessness, lack of responsibility and idealism." - Transmission Films PR
Jim Broadbent (Nick) and Lindsay Duncan (Meg) in Roger Michell's "LE WEEK-END" (2013).
Photo: Nicola Dove
Jim Broadbent (Nick) and Lindsay Duncan (Meg) in Roger Michell's "LE WEEK-END" (2013).
Photo: Nicola Dove
Jim Broadbent (Nick) and Lindsay Duncan (Meg) in Roger Michell's "LE WEEK-END" (2013).
Photo: Nicola Dove
Jim Broadbent (Nick) and Lindsay Duncan (Meg) in Roger Michell's "LE WEEK-END" (2013).
Photo: Nicola Dove